Trump pick up lines

Trump Pick up Lines

As if getting a girl to laugh at a corny pick up line wasn’t hard enough, try doing it in the voice of the president of the USA. These cheesy chat ups are currently doing the rounds so why not have a go.

A faded ginger wig may help but is not essential – and definitely NO ASS GRABBING!!!

“If you were Mexican, I’d oppose the wall.”

“Illegal immigrants may be stealing our jobs, but you stole my heart!”

“I’ll make your love life great again.”

“Don’t worddy, I won’t need to see your birth certificate.”

“Do you know what they say about men with big hands?”

“You can be pro-choice as long – as one of those choices is going on a date with me.”

“I couldn’t help noticing, but you have the mother of all bums.”


Good luck. GPUL.