Dinosaur pick up lines

Dinosaur pick up lines

Dinosaur pick up lines are a bit thin on the ground these days, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking they’re extinct. Anyway, we did some digging around and found these Jurassic classics.

Fossil hunters will have a field day

Some may think these long-dead pick up lines belong in a museum, but we like ’em. So why not dust them down and give them a try. You may get a bite.

Dinosaur chat up lines

You’re the tricera-tops and you’re making me horny.

We should carbon date because our half-life would approach eternity.

Why don’t you Triassic a little tenderness?

Why go for the b-rachiosaurus, when you could go for the D-rachiosaurus.

You’re not a b-rachiosaurus. You’re a DD-rachiosaurus.

I’m hung like an Apatosaurus.

You can dig up my bone any day.

You should come home with me, because I’ll make you dino-sore.

Why don’t we mosey-osaur over to my place?

I know the best way to plesiosaur a woman.

I’m hornier than a styracosaurus.

Jurrassic-ing me back to your place? Okay!


This bone may not date to the Jurassic Period, but it’s still rock hard.

I’d wish you’d stegosaurus the night.

You must be the La Brea tar pits, cuz I want to get my bone stuck in that.

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