Apple won’t engrave ‘Vagina’ or ‘Clit’ on iPad – but will do penis!

Not scared of penis

Found an interesting article on a very amusing website, Basically, Apple refused to engrave a song lyric by Alix Olson, which read, “I’ll give myself a lube job, shake my broomstick til my clit throbs.” for a female iPad customer.

Strangely, the words ‘dick’ and ‘penis’ were allowed however, another attempt replacing ‘penis’ with ‘vagina’ was somehow blocked too.

The writer, Justyn Hintze, surmised that Apple was so entrenched in misogyny and sexism, that it is actually terrified of women’s bodies and pleasure.

Who knows – maybe they just prefer cock! Or maybe, their beliefs are archaic and a bit more ‘old testament’ than we thought. And that they are still pretty wary of the power of women and apples.

Think I’ll try them out with the word ‘minge’ or ‘hootenanny’.

Guaranteed Pick Up lines

Arsehole drinks whole bottle of Jack Daniels in one go

Saddo Will Williams, also now known as ‘friendless alky beardy twat’ necked an entire bottle of Jack Daniels for a viral stunt. The hairy, incontinent singleton performed this utterly pointless act for the camera at an upmarket and picturesque service station near Chester. I feel sorry for the individual who sat next to him for the rest of the journey. That’s if they didn’t leave him there. I hope you shit your pants.
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